Song Meaning: Un X100to [Grupo Frontera X Bad Bunny]

This song delves into themes of regret, unrequited love, and the lingering pain of a breakup. The repeated motif of having “one percent left” symbolizes the singer’s last bit of energy or resource, which he chooses to use to express his sorrow and lingering feelings for his former partner. This act of reaching out, even in a metaphorical sense, underscores the depth of his regret and the wish for reconciliation or at least closure.

The imagery of seeing the singer with another person in a club as “just wasting time” suggests the futility of trying to move on or mask the pain through superficial means. It highlights a profound sense of loyalty and attachment to the past relationship, indicating that other relationships pale in comparison to what they shared.

Verse 1 speaks to the profound sense of loss the singer experiences, where only memories (photos and videos) of the past relationship bring any sense of joy. The attempt to forget through the company of another, who even wears the same perfume as the ex-partner, only serves to deepen the sense of loss and longing.

The lines about “light[ing] up to go to sleep” and unsent messages convey the singer’s internal struggle and the presence of an unresolved emotional connection. This, along with the recognition of the partner’s improved state (“It hurts to see that you indeed have improved”), evokes a bittersweet acknowledgment of the ex-partner’s healing and moving on, contrasted with the singer’s ongoing struggle.

Verse 2, presumably from Bad Bunny’s perspective, introduces a narrative of self-awareness and acceptance of the consequences of his actions (“Living in a hell that I set on fire”). The verse reflects on the actions that led to the current state of heartache and longing, suggesting a realization of the pain caused to the partner. The mention of going into the ex’s Instagram while drunk and the admissions of missing the ex despite trying to distract himself with social outings and other women (“The girls texting me”) highlight the persistent impact of the breakup on his emotional state.

Overall, the song communicates a profound sense of remorse, unresolved feelings, and the complex process of dealing with the aftermath of a significant relationship. It touches on the universal themes of love, loss, and the difficulty of moving on, particularly when deep emotions and regrets are involved.