Song Meaning of Hasta La Raíz [Natalia Lafourcade]

The song poetically describes a deep and enduring emotional connection, one that remains strong despite physical distance or the passage of time. The recurring themes of nature—rivers, jungles, the sun, a moonbeam—suggest a love that is both elemental and essential, intertwined with the very essence of life and the universe. The act of crossing rivers and walking through jungles can symbolize the efforts and challenges one is willing to endure to maintain this connection.

The lyrics, “Every day I keep pulling out thorns from the depths of my heart,” convey a sense of overcoming pain and hardship, possibly from past experiences or the current pain of separation, but there’s a continuous effort to heal and move forward. The thorns could represent lingering memories or obstacles that the individual faces in their journey of love and personal growth.

Lighting up dreams at night to cleanse with sacred smoke each memory might symbolize the process of purifying one’s thoughts and emotions, focusing on the positive aspects of the connection, and letting go of what no longer serves them. Writing the loved one’s name on white sand with a blue background signifies a desire to immortalize their love, to make a permanent declaration amidst the vastness of time and space.

The imagery of looking at the sky and seeing the other person in the cruel shape of a gray cloud indicates that even in moments of sadness or loneliness, the thought of the loved one brings solace and presence. Climbing a high hill to look at the past and acknowledging that the loved one has not been forgotten suggests reflection and the acknowledgment of the deep impact the person has had on their life.

The refrain, “I carry you inside to the root,” and the assurance that “no matter how much it grows, you will be here,” speaks to an indelible bond that transcends physical presence. The love and connection they share are so deep and fundamental that nothing can erase it. Even if the speaker were to hide behind mountains or find themselves in a field full of sugarcane (perhaps symbols of trying to lose themselves or escape their feelings), they acknowledge that there’s no way to sever the connection they share with their “moonbeam,” a term of endearment that conveys both warmth and guidance in the darkness.

Overall, the song captures the essence of an unbreakable and profound connection that persists through every facet of life’s journey, highlighting themes of love, memory, resilience, and the eternal nature of a deep emotional bond.